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Sri Lanka.

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We are specialized in the distribution of coir based substrates known as Cocopeat. It is derived from the coconut husk. Cocopeat or Coir Pith is a multi-purpose growing and rooting medium for growers and planters. Cocopeat is an ideal substitute for peat moss. Recently it has been increasingly used as a complete growing and rooting solution.We provide the base solution to customers across Europe, Far-East, Oceania and the Americas. Our strength is to produce Cocopeat products according to the requirements of our customers. Our Cocopeat products are produced in our factory in Sri lanka, where we maintain a well-experienced team in the horticulture industry. Utilizing a high-standard in its manufacturing and distribution processes, Coco Substrates products stand ahead of generic coir pith-based solutions. Sri Lanka (where over 2.5 billion coconut fruits are processed each year) has become the leading processor of coir based substrates for horticultural use. Companies in Sri Lanka have invested heavily in an infrastructure that guarantees consistency and quality of the product.