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Two and a half decades and beyond

A Legacy of excellence

With a relentless drive for innovation, Tropicoir has dedicated the past two and a half decades to pioneering and providing advanced coco substrates for a myriad of global applications. As a frontrunner in horticulture, home and garden, pet care, and environmental technologies, we’ve marked our evolution with groundbreaking products that not only revolutionize the industry but also embed sustainable solutions at their core. Our commitment to innovation has yielded significant economic advantages for our clients, cementing our status as a leading solution provider. 

Renewable resource
eco-friendly solutions

Serving 40+ markets
6 continents

1300+ team members
over 65% women

Spearheading sustainable

Fully-fledged production

Finest quality, reliability,
and superior performance

Handling 600,000+ M³
substrates annually

Empowering communities through
impactful CSR initiatives

Our Global Footprint

Adding Value to Professional Horticulture

We are known across all continents for quality, reliability and service. Demands for our products are steadily growing with the patronage of our clients in diverse markets. We are grateful to all our clients for their continued loyalty.

Our reputation for quality, reliability, and service is recognized across all continents. The demand for our products is consistently rising, thanks to the support of our diverse clientele in various markets. We express our deep gratitude to all our clients for their enduring loyalty and trust in our offerings.

Our Strategic Partners

Our alliance with Premier Tech Group, Canada has laid a robust foundation for the exchange of technical expertise, endowing us with cutting-edge product development capabilities. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, combined with rigorous quality control processes and innovative customized solutions, are supported by a highly skilled team of technical and R&D experts. This collaboration has elevated our standards, positioning us at the forefront of the industry.

Cutting Edge Production Facilities

We specialize in delivering innovative coir-based solutions tailored for professional horticulture, home and garden, and environmental applications. Our state-of-the-art processing facility for coco substrates represents a significant advancement, positioning us at the forefront of meeting the escalating demand for  premium-quality coir products

Diverse Product Range

Recognizing the distinct needs of our clients and the criticality of achieving optimal results with our products, we specialize in offering crop-specific substrates tailored to a wide array of requirements, whether it be for vegetables, soft fruits, or flowers.

Our commitment to customization ensures that each client receives the most effective and efficient solution for their unique horticultural endeavors

Total CO2 saved by solar production
Total kWh generated by the TEG group solar systems
Equivalent trees planted (TEG)
These values were calculated using factors provided by the ODSM. See Here
This value was calculated using factors provided by the U.S. EPA. See Here

Nurturing growth with a
Regenerative resource

We pledge to a triad of excellence: commercial, social, and environmental. By optimizing processes, we aim to minimize carbon and water footprints and waste, while maximizing the value from our renewable resources. Our team, the bedrock of our enterprise, enjoys our full support for their well-being and development, ensuring they benefit from a harmonious work-life balance.

In every interaction with our stakeholders and the communities we serve,
we maintain responsible practices that reflect our core values and foster unity and integration.

News & Articles


Solar generation


Our dedication to sustainable energy led to solar projects in our factories, generating 320,169 kWh of clean energy in 2023, reducing 230,521.68 metric tons of CO2. This initiative significantly reduces our dependence on non-renewable energy, contributing to a more sustainable future and mitigating climate change impacts. Our solar efforts demonstrate our commitment to the use of clean energy striving for a greener, sustainable future for generations to come.

GHG Inventory


With our strong commitment to sustainability, we annually assess greenhouse gas emissions across our facilities to gauge our environmental impact and pinpoint carbon footprint sources. This enables strategic reduction tactics, aligning with responsible consumption and production. By calculating our GHG inventory, we focus on efficiency, waste minimization, and resource optimization, fostering responsible consumption in our organization. These actions support global sustainability goals, reducing our carbon footprint and reaffirming our dedication to protecting our planet.

Kruthugana piyasa- Hospital


Since its inception in 2014, the “Kruthaguna Piyasa” project which is our Annual Housing Assistance Program has been a cornerstone of our commitment to team member welfare. Each year, we carefully select 10 employees from each factory to receive housing stipends. As of 2023, this initiative has provided housing support to a total of 253 team members, excluding those who benefited from the construction of full houses. This program highlights our dedication to fostering a supportive workplace, ensuring our team members have the means to secure comfortable and stable housing, thereby contributing to their overall well-being.

Development of Kalubowila Hospital


Our commitment to healthcare advancement led us to actively take in this project with financial contributions towards the development and repair of the high-dependency ward at Kalubowila Hospital in 2021. This investment reflects our dedication to enhancing medical facilities and ensuring a more resilient and supportive environment for patient care in our community.

Development of Health Care Facilities


The renovation of Nikarawetiya Hospital’s mental health ward, previously in disrepair, revitalized essential facilities like beds, toilets, and fans. This upgrade ensures local access to quality mental health care, reducing the need for travel to distant hospitals. Our commitment to this project highlights our dedication to enhancing healthcare quality and accessibility, particularly in mental health services, benefiting community well-being.

Grants for undergraduates


Annually, we support children of our team members starting university after their Advanced-Level exams, providing a monthly grant until degree completion. This initiative, aiding 16 students in 2023, fosters academic motivation and cultivates a skilled workforce. By financially empowering students, we promote higher education access and nurture talent for community and national development.

TEG English and IT Academy


Since 2011 and 2013, our TEG English and IT Academy has been pivotal in educating 330 village students. In 2023, 253 of them are excelling in English (grades 1-11), and 79 in IT (grades 6-11). We strive to transcend local education limits by boosting English proficiency and IT skills, preparing students for a global society. TEG Academy is more than a school; it is a catalyst of societal change, promoting critical thinking, innovation, and adaptability. This commitment reflects our vision for an empowered, future-ready community.

Annual Book donation and student grants


Our initiative aims to create a positive learning environment and provide vital educational resources, supporting students’ academic paths. We go beyond material aid, rewarding academic excellence by annually recognizing students who excel in grade 5 scholarship exams. These top performers receive a grant until completing their Ordinary Level exams. This sustained financial support encourages their academic efforts and ensures ongoing educational support while providing relief to their parents who face economic hardships.
Our dedication to this project reflects our belief in education’s transformative power. By offering resources and financial incentives, we motivate students and support their academic success. This commitment underlines our focus on nurturing quality education and positively impacting students’ educational experiences.

Anagathaya Wavamu (Grow Your future)


Launched in 2018, the “Anagathaya Wavamu” (Grow Your Future) coconut cultivation project is on track to plant 500,000 trees by 2027. This effort aims to enhance rural Sri Lankan economies and contribute to the country’s food system, recognizing the vital role of coconut plantations in value creation and environmental protection.   The project focuses on boosting economic and food sustainability by teaching tree care and providing income sources. Our commitment to this project reflects our dedication to sustainable growth and resilience in local communities, embodying our broader social and environmental stewardship goals.

A key aspect of the “Anagathaya Wavamu” project is its focus on involving children in tree planting, aiming to instil this habit in the younger generation. The project is structured to engage thousands of children from various regions of the country, fostering a widespread appreciation and understanding of environmental stewardship among the youth.